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More Tips to Keep Cool

Hands in the air during music festival

4 Important Ways to Keep Cool During Hot Summer Music Festivals

Summer is among the most popular times for music festivals. From Lollapalooza to the Warped Tour to Bonnaroo, many of the biggest names in...
Office scene

How to Turn On Your Office Air (Even if the Thermostat Is Locked)

The battle over the office air conditioner is serious business. In one corner you have those who are constantly cold -- they want the air...
Sunshade installed in front window of a car

Tested: How Much Does a Sunshade Cool a Car?

Look across any parking lot on a hot summer day and you're likely to see those shiny, reflective sunshades on dozens of cars. In...
Reverse switch on a ceiling fan

Here’s What that Switch on Your Ceiling Fan Does (And Why You Should Use...

At SurviveSummer.com, we're big proponents of ceiling fans. There's simply no easier -- or cheaper -- way to instantly feel cooler. And while standing...
Turning thermostat down

No, Turning Your Home Thermostat Lower Doesn’t Make the Air Colder

Over the years we've noticed some confusion among some folks when it comes to cooling off with an air conditioner. And we think we...
Snowfall in Glacier National Park

11 Towns with (Nearly) Year-Round Snow

If you live in some of the hottest parts of the United States, then you know that summer can last from May through October....
Pool floats sitting in corner

Insane Pool Floats That Actually Exist

When it comes to surviving summer, nothing beats heading to the pool. Sure you can try to crank on the air conditioning and stay...

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