8 Genius Products to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat

When it gets hot outside, most people think about how they are going to personally cope with the hot temps. From setting the thermostat to what to wear — to even what to eat — keeping cool impacts numerous decisions during our day.

But one area that can get overlooked are our pets. Just like their owners, our pets feel the effects of hot temperatures as well. From hot concrete that can burn paws to easily getting overheated without an easy way to cool down, our pets — and especially active dogs — can be just as sensitive as some people.

The good news is that there are plenty of products out there designed to help keep your pooch cool. And while these definitely help keep your pet friend more comfortable, they can also help them they stay healthy in the heat (yes, dogs can get heat stroke!). Below, we’ve rounded up some cool ideas that can help keep your pooch feeling cool and happy.

Cooling Mat

If you’ve ever seen a dog come in from the hot outdoors and immediately lay down on a cold tile floor, then you know how much pups love having their own cool spot. That’s why someone invented cooling mats made for dogs to lay on. These mats act similar to tile in that the gel helps to draw heat away from a warm pet. Once they dog gets up, the mat will cool down on its own, ready for use the next time that your pet wants to lay down.

Elevated Pet Bed

Imagine being hot and having to lay down on carpet or in bed. You know how uncomfortable it would be with all that heat being trapped next to your body. It’s the same principle with a traditional dog bed. Those thick and fluffy padded beds might look cozy, but they can get too warm in the summer.

By using an elevated dog bed like this one on Amazon, there’s nowhere for heat to be trapped. Air can circulate under your dog while she sleeps, keeping things cool and comfy. And then when the cold weather returns you can switch back to the traditional padded dog bed.

Frozen Water Bowls

Now, simply having room temperature water for a dog to drink should be enough to help them cool down but wouldn’t it be nice to offer a cool drink to your furry friend? That’s why there are bowls that offer a little secret to keep things cool. Place these bowls in the freezer and a layer of gel or liquid that’s enclosed in between will freeze. Then when you are ready to use them, simply fill with water and you have a built-in ice pack to keep the water cooler for longer. Best of all, they are less than $20 on Amazon.

Cooling Vest

If your dog is going to be out and about in the heat, then a cooling vest is a must-have. Using cold packs built into the vest, it wraps around your dog’s body providing a layer of cold to protect against the heat. Imagine how good it would feel to wear a chilled vest while out and about for you… and then remember that dogs don’t sweat like humans do. It must feel even better for pups. It comes in a number of sizes to fit any dog.

Cooling Collar

If a vest is a bit too much for your dog, how about a simple cooling collar? The Kool Collar is a patent pending design where you put ice inside of it and attach it to your dog. As the ice melts, it acts as artificial sweating to help Fido feeling fresh and cool. And if you don’t want water leaking, there are also an enclosed reusable insert that can be used to provide cooling without the mess.

Doggie Shoes

While most of these products focus on keeping a dog cool in the heat of summer, doggie shoes aren’t made to cool a doggie down. Instead, they help to protect their feet. Next time you are walking through a parking lot in the heat of summer, just put your hand to the pavement and feel how hot it gets. Temperatures on pavement can easily climb to more than 150 degrees during the peak afternoon heat. Now think of your dog who doesn’t have shoes to protect the pads on the bottom of their feet.

A pair of doggie shoes can provide a valuable layer of protection during the hot months to keep those paws from getting scorched.

Dog Pool

If you need to cool a dog down in a flash, there’s no better way than getting them wet. Just like a human jumping into the pool, water can help dogs cool off quickly. Today there are a number of pools on the market designed for pups that offer sturdy constructions that won’t be easily torn open with a dog’s nails. If you don’t want a pool dedicated to your dog, simply hosing them down can provide the same cooling effect.

Frozen Chew Toy

If your pup likes to chew, why not help them cool down at the same time. Today there are chew toys that are designed to be filled with water and frozen, so that your dog can enjoy a cold treat on a hot day. We’d definitely suggest only using this outside because if it breaks, it might leak. This one is less than $10 on Amazon.


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