Insane Pool Floats That Actually Exist

When it comes to surviving summer, nothing beats heading to the pool. Sure you can try to crank on the air conditioning and stay inside — but that can quickly get boring. Plus, what’s the fun of warm weather if you just spend all your time trying to avoid it.

But swimming pools (or lakes, rivers, and the ocean) are one of the best ways to cool down. That’s not only from a fun perspective, but also a scientific perspective. Water is excellent at drawing heat away from the body, making you better to handle extreme temperatures.

Of course, the big reason why we all love swimming in a pool is that it’s a lot of fun. And what’s more fun than hanging out on the water on a giant unicorn, a bucking bull, or even a polar bear?

Pool floats have come a long way from the simple blow-up rectangle that seemed to always spring a leak. Today they come in all shapes and sizes, from monstrous floats that can carry a family to small personal floats that can keep your head above water while you relax.

Below we’ve rounded up a number of unique pool floats that we know you’ll love for the summer.

The Inflat-A-Bull

Maybe you’ve seen mechanical bulls, but what about a bucking bull for the pool? This fun float features a bull that you sit on and an outer ring that your friends can rock to try to buck you off. Kids will love it, as will adults, and it’s sure to make any pool party instantly more fun. Meanwhile, according to the listing on Amazon it holds up to 220 pounds, making it suitable for almost everyone. Best of all, it’s only about $21 on Amazon.

Donald Trump Pool Float

We get the feeling that love it or hate it, people are going to have strong feelings about this float. It’s in the likeness of our 45th President, complete with his signature “thumbs up”. Whether you buy it because you love it or just as a gag, it’s sure to turn heads and get lots of attention. It only costs $15 on Amazon.

Inflatable Log Joust

Not all floats are made for relaxation. This inflatable joust set includes two floating logs that you sit on and two jousting sticks to try and knock the other person off their log. If you’re looking for a quick and easy pool game instead of just floating around with a drink in your hand, then this is it. $35 on Amazon.

Rose Float

It’s simple and to the point. It’s just a big ol’ bottle of Rose that measures more than seven feet tall. Fill it up (with air, not wine) and soak up the sun as you lounge in the pool. While it may not be true, we’ve heard that if you float on this thing that you’ll relax 23% more than the average person. Your giant bottle of Rose is $35 on Amazon.

Giant Polar Bear Float

Nothing is as cool as a polar bear. So why not cool down with this polar bear float. This giant float will hold up to four people (complete with drink holders). In fact, it’s so big that it seems to qualify as an island instead of a float. It also comes with a large inflation nozzle so that you can use a pump or even a hair dryer to fill it up before hitting the pool. Just a heads up that it runs about $65 on Amazon.

Floating Water Mat

┬áTruth is, this mat likely won’t fit well in most pools. But if you are headed to the lake, it’s perfect. It’s a massive 19 feet by 6 feet and holds more than 1,500 pounds. You simply anchor the mat (it comes with a tether) and then you have a float for about 10 adults. Meanwhile, it only weighs about 30 pounds so that you can store it easily when not in use. $400 on Amazon.

Four-Person Inflatable (with Coolers)

If you are into floating the river with friends, then you need this float. It has seating for four people, along with two spots to keep ice and drinks. There are open areas where your butt and feet sit to allow for water to flow, so you aren’t completely dry while hanging out. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy floating around than with this cool float. Best of all, it’s only $75 on Amazon.

Smarties Inflatable Pool Noodle

It’s colorful. It’s fun. And it’s a lot cooler to show off at the pool than a boring foam pool noodle. This Smarties branded inflatable float is perfect with you want to be in the pool (instead of floating on top of it), but still want something to hold on to while you swim. It only costs $13 and also comes in a Tootsie Roll design if you prefer.

Inflatable Jet for Toddlers

Why should adults get to have all the fun? This adorable jet plane is sure to be a hit with little ones. Blow it up and your toddler sits inside with their legs dangling into the water. There’s also a steering wheel and a horn they can use as they zoom around in the pool. $20 on Amazon.

Nekdoodle Pool Float

Not every float has to be a huge thing that you lay on. Sometimes the best floats can be small. Take this versatile float that’s designed to go around your neck and support your head. Put it on, lay back, and you don’t have to worry about getting your head under water. But it’s also handy just as a float to put some of your weight on so you don’t have to work so hard to stay above water. It comes in a ton of colors and costs about $30.

Giant Flying Unicorn

Some people are happy just blending into the background. This isn’t the float for them. A giant rainbow unicorn, it measures 10 feet tall and even has a pump included to air it up. The unicorn carries up to six people, has built-in cup holders and a cooler. At that point, it may as well just be called an inflatable boat. If you want this one, it costs $250 on Amazon, although a similar sized flamingo is slightly cheaper.

Shark Float

Want a little shade while you float? Then you’ll love this ingenious design. Slip it over you and it look like you’re being eaten alive by a big shark. But really you can hang out in it while the shark’s mouth offers some cover. Perfect for those who want to hang out by the pool all day but don’t want to pay the price with a sunburn. $30 on Amazon.


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